Bruce LeeThe Bruce Lee Foundation has proposed that a statue of Bruce Lee be erected, along with a commemorative plaque, at the Alpine Recreation Center in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

Chinatown, being the historic community where Bruce Lee established the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute.

It might interest many to know that the Chinatown school  has produced most of our first generation Jeet Kune Do teachers and served as an incredibly important hub for the perpetuation of the Bruce Lee martial art philosophy.

The site of the old school now lies vacant and in disrepair.

Help commemorate Bruce Lee’s contribution to the community and the world by supporting the statue proposal.

There has been some opposition to placing a Bruce Lee statue at the Alpine Rec Center, however you can help make it happen.

Please call the Councilman’s office and say, “Yes, we want a Bruce Lee Statue at the Alpine Recreation Center.”

Call the Councilman at:

(213) 473-7001
(213) 485-0763

Ask for Marisol, if she is not available, please leave her a message.
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