What You’ll Get

Jeet Kune Do University is a comprehensive training experience. With your membership, you will have access to:
  • Weekly step-by-step video training viewable online and downloadable in high definition
  • Drills that enable you to learn key JKD techniques at your own pace, complete with virtual training partners
  • Thorough explanations as you progress through each lesson so you fully understand the value of your training
  • Warm up techniques to get you in proper physical and mental state for maximum training effectiveness
  • Exclusive livestream sessions to receive feedback, technical critiques, and supplementary lessons.
  • Additional hours of high quality JKD instruction at less than half of the price of an average JKD training DVD
  • The opportunity to test for and receive official JKD-U rank certification with passing exam scores
  • Exams include a private session with Sifu Nhan Khuong and personally tailored, detailed, expert feedback about your submitted exam.
  • The smart phone JKDU training App is Coming Soon! The app will be free to JKDU students and will include access to the existing training library, additional video content, glossary of terms with video demonstrations, and more!


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