Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is online training as good as in person?

A: In person training is always preferable, however online training can be a great option for students who do not have access to a school nearby or would like to supplement their training with video references. JKD-U has had excellent results with distance training based solely on video training.

Q: How much does the JKD-U online training program cost?

A: The online Jeet Kune Do training program can be purchased as a package or as a monthly subscription. You can find detailed information about pricing options using the following link:

Q: Do I have to complete Phase I before taking Phase II?

A: No, students may purchase any Phase of the JKD-U training at any time. It is recommended, however, to start with Phase I and work your way up to Phase IV as the training is designed to build on itself and operates best in this way.

Q: I already have Jeet Kune Do training. Will I still benefit from the JKD-U online program?

A: The JKD-U training is a distillation of over 10 years of Jeet Kune Do research, across multiple Bruce Lee lineages. Even the most experienced martial artists will likely find value in the JKD-U training.

Q: Can I get certified through JKD-U

A: Yes! Each JKDU Phase has an optional rank certification exam that students may take, if they choose.

Q: How does the JKD-U rank certification work?

A: Students who have completed any JKD-U training phase will have the option of registering for that particular Phase rank certification exam. Once registered, students have 30 days to complete both a written and practical exam. The written exam is a multiple choice test taken online. The practical is a series of techniques, as indicated in the exam, that the student must video record and submit online. A JKD-U instructor will then grade the exam and give feedback. Students successfully completting of the exam with passing scores, will be awarded a rank certificate.

Q: Can I take the JKD-U training without taking the certification exams?

A: Yes. Students are not required to take the certification exams.

Q: How long does the JKD-U online training program take to complete?

A: The JKDU program contains 140 lessons and over 70 hours of video instruction. Assuming a student does not have prior experience, it is recommended to practice one lesson per week which would complete 140 lessons in three years. Some students may complete the training less time. This is highly dependent the students, time dedicated to practice, physical aptitude, and prior experience.

Q: Can I get certified as an instructor through JKD-U?

A: Yes! JKDU has a distance instructor training program for students who have completed and received rank certification for all four Phases. The instructor training program is a series of coaching sessions with head instructor Sifu Nhan Khuong and are conducted onine via Skype and email. Students will be required to regularly video record themselves in order to receive further critique and instruction. Enrolling in the instructor distance training program is not a guarantee of receiving certification as not everyone is suited to teaching. All students receiving this training, however will receive valuable instruction that will further their growth and skill as martial artists.

Q: Can I receive Jeet Kune Do training in person through JKDU?

A: Yes. There are two options to receive in-person training. The first is to travel to Los Angeles and attend classes in person or locate a JKD-U certified instructor. The second option is to book a seminar with head instructor Sifu Nhan Khuong and arrange to have your own group receive instruction at your venue. Please contact us to inquire about rates and availability.

Q: What lineage of Jeet Kune Do does JKD-U offer?

A: The JKD-U program is based on multiple, original Jeet Kune Do lineages, including, Ted Wong, Dan Inosanto, and Bob Bremer.  JKD-U has also taken the original teachings, as passed on Bruce Lee’s original students, and organized them into a more cohesive and sequentially progressive system while taking care to preserve the original methodology and philosophy

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