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Jeet Kune Do Honors Ted Wong – RIP

Sadly, sifu Ted Wong, the “Iron man of Jeet Kune Do”, passed away this passed November 24th 2010. Ted Wong was Bruce Lee’s last private martial arts student and one of two people in existence to receive a JKD ranking certificate from the founder himself. As one of the...

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Jeet Kune Do University Online

Jeet Kune Do University is now officially launched and open to enrollment, offering authentic, original Jeet Kune Do training! Our goal is to preserve Bruce Lee’s martial art legacy so that it might continue to inspire others and serve as a powerful, living tool for...

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Help Commemorate Bruce Lee

The Bruce Lee Foundation has proposed that a statue of Bruce Lee be erected, along with a commemorative plaque, at the Alpine Recreation Center in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Chinatown, being the historic community where Bruce Lee established the Jun Fan Gung Fu...

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