What You'll Get

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What You’ll Get

Jeet Kune Do University is a comprehensive training experience. With your membership, you will have access to:
  • Weekly step-by-step video training viewable online and downloadable in high definition
  • Drills that enable you to learn key JKD techniques at your own pace, complete with virtual training partners
  • Thorough explanations as you progress through each lesson so you fully understand the value of your training
  • Warm up techniques to get you in proper physical and mental state for maximum training effectiveness
  • Exclusive members-only forum to connect with fellow students and to receive feedback from authentic JKD instructors and advanced students
  • Additional hours of high quality JKD instruction at less than half of the price of an average JKD training DVD
  • Personally tailored, detailed, expert feedback with your certification exam
  • Official JKD-U rank certification with passing exam scores
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