Q: What system requirements do I need to use the JKDU program?
A: JKDU streams large video files so you will need high speed internet (cable, DSL, FiOS, etc), the latest version of flash player and a compatible browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome. Internet Explorer often encounters issues with the JKDU system. You can download Firefox and Chrome for free here:

Q: When will I receive my next online lesson?
A: If you are enrolled in the Apprentice Level JKDU membership, your next lesson will be available to you seven days later on the same day that you originally enrolled. For example, if you enrolled on Monday then your next lesson will be available every following Monday.

If you are enrolled in the Hero Level JKDU membership, lesson two will be available three days after your initial enrollment, lesson four will be available seven days after your initial enrollment. For example, if you enrolled on Monday, lesson two will be accessible on Thursday and lesson three will be available the following Monday and so on.

Q: Why is the video loading so slowly?
A: The JKDU video lessons are recorded in High Definition so given the file size of the video, the speed at which the video is able to play depends on the performance of your machine and the speed of your internet connection. If your video is taking a long time to load, it is recommended that you play then pause the player and let the video load for a few minutes while you warm up then resume playing. Another option is to download the video using the MP4 download link below the player.

Q: Why can’t I download the MP4?
A: Some browsers have trouble interacting with the JKDU software. If you find that a .php file is being downloaded instead of an .mp4 simply rename the file to something like this “jkdulessonx.mp4” and save (do not use the quotations when renaming).

Q: What do I do if I have questions about the material in a lesson?
A: The JKDU Forum was created for you as a place where you can ask questions about your training and get feedback from instructors and fellow JKDU students.

Q: How can I change my picture in the members forum?
A: Click on the “edit profile” link at the top right corner of the forum, then click on the “change your avatar” link next to the picture and select a new picture from the library. You can also select “You can select a photo from your computer” and upload a picture from your computer.

Q: Can I change the days that the video lessons become available to me?
A: At this time, the JKDU lesson delivery system does not have the flexibility to change the schedule of classes. This may change in the future.

Q: How can I cancel my membership?
A: You may cancel your membership by emailing accounts@trueselfmartialarts and writing “CANCEL JKDU MEMBERSHIP” in the subject line. Keep in mind that account cancellations require 48hrs to process so allow enough time to process your cancellation prior to your auto-renewal date.

Q: How can I renew my membership?
A: For your convenience, your JKDU membership is renewed every month by automatic recurring billing using the credit card account on file when you originally registered. If you canceled your account and wish to renew your training from where you left off, contact JKDU via the Contact Page to arrange the details.

Q: How can I change my account billing information?
A: Currently, account billing information must be updated via telephone. If you wish to change your billing information, call 800.470.6567

Q: What is the JKDU refund policy?
A: JKDU will issue full refunds for physical products purchased from our store if returned in their original form within 30 days of purchase. Refunds for tuition fees will only be issued for unused 30 day enrollment periods. For example if a three month package is purchased and the student chooses to cancel training after the second week of enrollment, a full refund will be issued, less the cost of the first month of tuition at the full standard tuition (without the discounted package pricing). Canceled memberships will continue to allow access to the members area until the end of the paid 28 day enrollment period.

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